Frequently Asked Questions

DuraFlex has been formulated from natural, earth grown ingredients, so as you’d expect, it is completely safe. None of the thousands of men before you that chose to make a decision and claim a bottle have ever experienced anything other than increased hardness and libido, the expected effects.

Every man is different, so every man should expect to see results at different times. For some, they notice changes within the first few doses of Duraflex. While for others, it may take a daily dosage for some time before their erections regain the hardness that they desire. Either way, a consistent daily use of DuraFlex will help give you the erections you and your partner deserve.

The amount of sex you can have is dependent on your age, health, and of course, your sexual appetite. That said, for a man of average health between the ages of 30-45 can have at minimum three sexual intercourse “sessions” per day. When it comes to elder patients of average health, they can expect at least 2 rounds of sexual intercourse per day, if their appetite desires it. Naturally, men in great health can (and do!) regularly exceed these projections.

Like most vitamins, the speed in which Duraflex gives you results could be affected by whether you took Duraflex with food or on an empty stomach. So try another dose the next day on an empty stomach. If this remedy doesn't influence your erections immediately, don't push the panic button. Try increasing the dosage to two pills and give it time. You should see your erections return within a few days of regular usage.

Most men report that the increased hardness that Duraflex leads them to a remarkable effect on their confidence and overall well-being. You may notice that you walk around with your head held a little higher, your chest out, and more confidence in your walk. You’d be surprised how much solving this “little problem” can greatly affect your emotional and mental state.

Some folks do report an increase in “random” erections, like when waking from a long night's sleep or during conversation with women that they’re attracted to. However, these men also find that the occasional stiffness is a welcome feeling, contrary to the frustrating, lifeless feeling that they used to suffer through.

While DuraFlex doesn't guarantee to make your penis greater than your genetics allow, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much bigger it looks in comparison to the way it was before. It’s possible that after years of unsatisfying erections, your penis had never been at its full potential.

In fact, you may discover a couple “hidden” inches once you’re fully erect.

DuraFlex does not have a direct effect on the heart like other pharmaceutical drugs like Cialis or Viagra. However, we always suggest bring your bottle to a doctor or specialist so that they may confirm that taking DuraFlex is right for you.

Your order comes with a 180 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Which means after you place your order and receive your package you have a full 6 months to decide if DuraFlex is right for you. The overwhelming majority of our customers LOVE DuraFlex. But if for some reason your experience is different, just call or email our US based customer service team 24/7. We’ll refund your entire order with no questions asked. So in other words, there’s no risk at all in trying DuraFlex today.

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